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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Jun 28, 2022

Today on the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, Jeff and Tristan will share an interview with London Lazerson; Heis a TikTok and Social Media influencer with a HUGE following of over 8.5 million on TikTok and over 600 million views just in 2021. He gives great advice on how to get started on TikTok; You don’t want to miss...

Jun 21, 2022

Episode Highlights:

  • Rory explains selling the previous company prior to Brand Builders and how his friend, Lewis Howes inspired the start of this company.
  • Brand Builders works with a wide variety of clients. They have worked with  New York Times best-selling authors. The majority of their clients are in professional...

Jun 14, 2022

On today's episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff is going to talk to Joshua Moore, the ‘Ginger Marketer’, who carved out a niche around Tik Tok to help real estate agents. He will share how you can use Tik Tok to grow your business. Tune in for all of the details!

Episode Highlights:

  • Joshua is from...

Jun 7, 2022

On today's episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, Jeff is talking with Aaron Novello from Southeast Florida. Aaron has grown multiple businesses outside of real estate. He shares his experience and how to be successful by working hard. Aaron has experienced what a lot of real estate agents in today's world haven't...