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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Dec 22, 2020

During this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff Pfitzer speaks with Lana Rodriguez, head of the Lana Rodriguez Group in Colorado Springs, Colorado, about how to execute client events at the highest level. If used properly, these events can take your real estate business to the next level!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Lana came to America from Latvia about 15 years ago and her husband came from Puerto Rico.
  • This year is Lana’s 6th year as a real estate agent, getting her license the year that she moved to Colorado.
  • With just under 15 people on her team already, Lana hopes to double the size of her team in 2021.
  • In 2020, a year filled with ups and downs with the global pandemic, Lana’s team has closed over 200 deals, all sphere-based.
  • TikTok has begun to bring in leads to Lana’s team and has shown to be an effective tool when building trust.
  • Lana’s husband was looking to reach out to the community after he came out of the military, leading to the West Point Real Estate Conference.
  • Out of Lana’s husband’s West Point Real Estate Conference, her team was able to close about 40 transactions.
  • If you think that what you are doing is unique, know that somebody somewhere else is definitely doing it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t work.
  • Getting on podcasts to share your knowledge is a great way to help better the real estate industry as a whole.
  • Every agent must decide their selling style and because of her accent, Lana has decided that hers is not over the phone.
  • Lana was negotiating a deal when she was getting her epidural before delivering her daughter.
  • In 2016, Lana did over 100 transactions as a solo agent, but it took a toll on the rest of her life.
  • After her first event, Lana realized that bringing her clients and sphere together left a lasting impact.
  • What started as a lack of invitations to various events eventually led to Lana recreating these events as her own.
  • After each event, Lana and her Events Manager sit down and evaluate the event in order to plan for the next one.
  • Right when COVID started shaking the toilet paper industry, Lana and her team delivered over 200 pizzas to the community.
  • Going into 2020, Lana and her team had planned and budgeted for 7 events.
  • You need to have a private client group on Facebook to market and communicate your events to your clients.
  • While most people ignore their email, social media gives agents a chance to connect with their community without getting in their face.
  • For agents who don’t have the money to spend on large events, small happy hours go a long way.
  • Lana has had to pivot her multiple events to a drive-through or delivery model to keep the party going during COVID.
  • For new hosts, 4 events in the first year should be the absolute minimum but plan according to your budget.
  • There are many ways to partner with vendors to save money while also adhering to the new COVID protocols.
  • Lana likes to stick to $10/client when making her event budgets, but this varies depending on a multitude of factors.

3 Key Points:

  1. Lana and her husband both came to this country as immigrants, Lana from Latvia and Bryan from Puerto Rico.
  2. Hosting various events with different themes each year has allowed Lana to create community and stay top-of-mind with those in her sphere.
  3. Lana focuses her events on times when something big is going on, holidays, back-to-school, etc. These give people a reason to get together anyway.

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