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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Sep 27, 2022

On today's episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast, host Jeff talks with Paul Ross. Real estate agents, when you think about sales, do you think of yourself as a hypnotist? How often are you practicing or reading up on your neuro linguistic programming? Paul Ross has got some fascinating stories and is a master of all hypnotic and subconscious selling; Don’t miss out!


Episode Highlights:

  • Tom Cruise had played a character based on Paul Ross in the movie Magnolia.
  • In 1987 Paul Ross stumbled onto NLP: neuro linguistic programming; Essentially, it's a technology for modeling excellence. 
  • Paul narrates how he created the whole subtle sales system, or the subconscious sales advantage, and how it grew from there. Paul mostly focuses on real estate and mortgage people.
  • Paul always teaches his students, whether it's sales or pick up or whatever it is, that the number one consideration you would have to have is - what state of mind do you want your prospect to be in? 
  • Your clients or your prospects, inability to focus is your number one or number 2 biggest enemy to your sale, says Paul.
  • Paul talks about the importance of implementing radically different things. The first radically different thing is it takes a different perspective on what sales mean.
  • Words are powerful. Words have hypnotic effects. Words structured our consciousness. They shape our decisions, and they drive our behavior, says Paul. 
  • For every exploration there must be a leader, for every leader there must be a student follower. 
  • When you say something deliberately vague, the listener's unconscious mind will fill in the blank illustrations for every meaning and pick the one with  the emotional context that fits .
  • Being different is kind of something that you will have to get used to in all facets of all business, because if you are not different nowadays, you are not going to stand out, says Jeff.  
  • Lot of times the prospects don't know what their objections are. They just muddled and they don't want to appear stupid by saying, well, we don't understand, says Paul.
  • Prospects often don't really believe that they can't afford something. They don't believe that they can have something. They don't believe they deserve it or are capable of claiming it when you can expand their mind past all that, expand their consciousness to embrace new possibilities about what they can own, what they can enjoy, what they can explore. You are actually doing healing work.
  • Jeff says that through his podcast he has trained the audience because doing video for your business was different. Using social media for your business was different. Going on social media and being authentic is different because everybody just wants to follow the herd, which is delusion and everybody wants to follow their broker, which is old fashioned and those that have a differentiation mindset will say. It's not crazy, it's brilliant.  
  • To improve your sales skills, you will have to start out with a basic knowledge first and foremost, you have to change your own belief system about what's possible. You have to look at your own beliefs around your deservingness, about your capability, about your possibility, and about your willingness. So that takes some personal transformation.
  • Paul has a free five-part series called Invisible Influence. You can get it for free. Text the word, "compel" and send it to 411321411321, if you are outside the United States, you can use WhatsApp and text the same word "compel" to 909.741.1321.  

3 Key Points:

  1. Paul explains how there is lack of focus in clients because they have too many options available to them. 
  2. As a real-estate agent the one most useful thing you can do is use pattern interrupts. Pattern interrupts are ways to take your  prospects or clients' expected way of behaving or thinking or feeling, disrupting them and then turning their mind in a different direction.
  3. Paul shares valuable tips for somebody who wants to improve their sales technique and  want to go down this path to learn more, gain more experience with this and understand how they should be articulated in order to be more effective.


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