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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Aug 20, 2019

Steve Heroux, Founder at Victory Selling in San Diego, talks to host Jeff Pfitzer on this episode of the Lab Coat Agents Podcast. Steve is a nationally-renowned speaker and an authority on sales success, development, and performance. Steve trains talent across multiple business segments, and pushes his clients to make the leap towards 6-figure sales results. Steve Heroux discusses sales integrity and creating a balanced life in the process. 


Episode Highlights: 

  • Steve Heroux shares his background in sales, going from a self-proclaimed introvert to selling knives
  • Why Steve left his successful job to become a trainer 
  • Steve talks about sales jargon that tries to be all things to all people
  • The tips that Steve recommends to become better at real estate sales
  • The difference between coaching and training, according to Steve Heroux
  • What can be learned from Steve’s training? 
  • It takes the average person 22 years to make 6-figures  
  • Study the habits of successful people to become a great salesperson 
  • What people may be doing wrong if they find they can’t break through to the next level 
  • The best way to do follow-up and nurturing of clients
  • Identify who you are, and have discipline 
  • The go-to book that Steve Heroux recommends 


3 Key Points:

  1. Put your happiness above just making money. 
  2. There is a difference between sales and marketing. 
  3. 12% of salespeople get to 6-figures+.


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