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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Sep 6, 2022

On today's episode, Jeff is going to talk to Ryan Rodenbeck. This has become a common topic in the real estate world- thriving in a shifting market. How in the hell are you going to not only thrive, but how are you going to be able to keep your head above water? How are you going to be able to survive as we continue to head into recessionary times as we head into the unknown. They are also going to talk about independent brokers. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Ryan came into the real-estate business because he was an investor when he was 26-27 years old and tried to sell a property investment property. 
  • Ryan considered himself as a good salesperson. So, he used the techniques that he had used in two properties and trained other agents to follow his approach with the leads. 
  • Life happens and you are going to lose people. So, you always have to have a recruitment method and you have to stay focused on that or you will not grow, says Ryan.
  • Ryan takes a lot of agents that come from teams that want to do their own thing. Then a lot of teams are universal, but a lot of the teams don't really have a pay system or a guided system for Asians to do their own thing, but Ryan does.  
  • If you have a team with 20 to 40 agents that are almost exclusively working on your leads that are very profitable.
  • Personally, Jeff hates leads and as a leader, he has just stayed away from that. Jeff looks for independent people who want to grow their own business. Jeff has built systems to help those people thrive. 
  • Ryan doesn't have any ISA; they use Zillow flex.  The biggest thing with Ryan and his company is their leadership infrastructure.
  • Ryan suggests that you don't have to invent your own technology when you can get the best in class from everyone else. The key is how you marry these technologies together.
  • When you are working with independent tech companies who service real estate, that is all that they do and they are really freaking good at it, says Jeff.
  • In his company Ryan has a culture committee that meets once every two months, that decides what kind of parties they are going to throw, what kind of charities they are going to represent that month.
  • If you are a top producing agent and you are trying to lead in, grow a company, it really doesn't work. You have to put a priority, says Ryan.
  • Post starting his business Ryan did a strategic planning, about four or five years ago, and his goal was in three years to grow to 100 agents at a time. 
  • Jeff asks agents to hire good mentors because not only are they going to lift you up in the bad times, but they are also going to be that inspiration. They are going to guide you. They are going to use their experience to help you not make the same mistakes that they did. That's the key. 
  • If you have a listing, you have to work for it, says Ryan.
  • Ryan says that as a real estate agent it is important how you are marketing your home. How were you talking to buyers? How are you setting expectations?
  • Number of things can happen at any point in Austin. It's going to drive demand like just two days ago Apple announced they are going to build 600,000 square feet of office, says Ryan. If you want to time the market, we have to have these talking points, this information in this data to be able to teach our agents how to handle unreasonable objections.
  • Ryan says as a real-estate agent make sure that you are watching and listening to other podcasts. 
  • If you are incapable of generating your own leads to your spirit influence or through the raw force of nature's open house, then you need to join a brokerage or team that will provide it to you into those skills until those skills are earned or adapted, says Ryan.

3 Key Points:

  1. Ryan talks about his journey and how in 2015, he became a top producing agent and decided to hire a team and become a real brokerage
  2. Ryan and Jeff talk about culture, and they say that as a real estate agent that is something that you can have it whether you are in a big box, you ran into your small shop, it doesn't matter it's all kind of dependent upon the leadership and it's somewhat cliche.
  3. Jeff explains why as a real estate agent you need to be working on dialing in your sales skills.



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