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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Today on the Lab Coat Agents Pocast, you are going to find out why you should not hit the breaks when it comes to LinkedIn. You don’t have to be a completely different person on this platform. What should you post on LinkedIn for engagement and traction? What is the power of visibility in a hashtag? You have to give what you want to get and everyone can win. If you wish you had been on Facebook 10 years ago, it’s going to be the same opportunity now with LinkedIn.  “LinkedIn is here for your whole career.” Judi might surprise you on this one!


Episode Highlights:

  • Real Estate Agents and Business Owners aren’t using LinkedIn as much as they should. What do you post? How often? How is it different from everything else you’re used to on other platforms?
  • LinkedIn loves the personal journeys of career paths. Those types of stories should be shared!
  • Judi explains how the energy on LinkedIn has more of a together feeling than an individual.
  • What is the cadence to post on LinkedIn?
  • Judi shares surprising advice on how to get more traction and engagement.
  • There is some perception that we have to spend more time on LinkedIn. Be cautious of how you respond to the perception.
  • Should you be posting more about your business? Should you still be posting personal content?
  • You should build your LinkedIn profile to sell you. What kind of soft call to action can you use?
  •  Do you have a personal hashtag? Why does it matter?
  • You don’t need to constantly post for more conversation if you already have it.
  • The profiles on LinkedIn have changed. If you haven’t been on in awhile, there are new features like creator mode and spotlight.
  • Jeff talks about the importance of personal hashtag and his exposure to it.
  • What does it look like to create a catalog, a news feed of your own content?
  • Should you use your website as your hashtag?
  • Judi shares your inspiration for starting her hashtag and her suggestions on finding your own.
  • What is the power in commenting?
  • Free account or pro? 
  • What is the featured section? People will convert from there.
  • Relationships and networking matter long term on LinkedIn.
  • How do you start?  How do you use your content and find your pattern?
  • Can you still benefit from Clubhouse from just a once a week pattern?


Resources Mentioned: