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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Sep 20, 2022

On today's episode, Jeff talks with Sarah Knaver and Victoria Velazquez who did over $100 million worth of sales in 2021; They are in the top 1% of agents in the country.Victoria and Sarah talk about their journey and experience in real-estate and when they decided to scale and hire team members. Tune in.

Episode Highlights:

  • Real estate had always been in Victoria's sphere in different ways, and she always had kind of thought about doing it. She always felt like it was a career where you really got rewarded for the effort you put into it, which was very appealing to her.
  • Victoria and Sarah talk about their career journey and how they got into real-estate. 
  • Victoria Velazquez was an undergrad at USC where she earned a bachelor's in public policy, planning, and development with an emphasis in real estate finance.
  • Sarah obtained her real estate license in her senior year of college while pursuing a liberal arts degree at Pepperdine University.
  • If you are interviewing somebody that has a team, Sarah always recommends interviewing somebody that is new on the team and somebody who is more of a veteran on the team so that you can get a sense of how their growth has been.
  • Sarah has heard from several different new members on teams or assistance to people that one of their biggest challenges with whoever they just started working for in real estate was that person was now no longer in the office and they had no sense of direction as to what to do.
  • It is important for people to understand that if you want to be a successful real estate agent, you can be an introvert, but you can have a disadvantage to extroverts, says Jeff.
  • Victoria didn't have a ton of clients, so she thought about anything and everything to execute for these clients. She would go above and beyond in the beginning.
  • Sarah had always assumed that her clients were super busy. They don't have time, and they don't have  knowledge. She always thinks of ways to make the deal perfectly easy and clear for them so that they understand pros and cons and can make a decision along the way. 
  • Mostly Victoria and Sarah have their own listings that they say are open, but they do work with other people also.
  • If you got into the real estate business and you want your weekends off, you got into the wrong business, says Jeff.
  • “When we are sitting with people at an open house, we try to have something to do that is productive, but also not so important that you are then not being in touch with people that you plan,” says Sarah.
  • Finding someone good is the hardest thing, but when you find great people who are just such a good culture fan with great energy can really make a huge difference and can be net positive for the business, says Sarah.
  • Speaking with clients and negotiating with other agents and visiting sites are probably the only three things that really, we should be doing and need to be focusing our efforts and time, says Sarah.
  • People get into this business being like I have no schedule; I have nothing planned but we are the opposite of that. We want things to be structured, says Sarah. 


3 Key Points:

  1. Victoria and Sarah talk about the differentiating factor that might be overarching them from their competition. 
  2. What about open houses? How successful are they? Sarah and Victoria describe how they are different now than they were in the beginning.
  3. Your career can look however you want it in real estate and that's what is also beautiful about this business. As per Victoria, anyone can do it.

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